All is well - movie review - Cherry Cross

The trailor for Abhishek Bachan and Rishi Kapoor’s latest film, All is Well, promised family entertainment. I just saw the movie at Vox Cinemas, and returned wanting so much more.

It was sad to see such talented actors on screen, trying to make a dead script and lacklustre screenplay work. The story revolves around a young man, Inder (Abhishek), who sees his parents’ marital and financial struggles, while being denied attention and understanding from his father (Rishi Kapoor). He eventually flies the nest, to find a career in music in Bangkok.

Monetary gains lure him back to India, only to find his father neck deep in debt and harassed at the hands of a comedian-villain, Chima. Asin and Supriya tag along, and the story continues to go round and round – you might get a headache half way through. Sonakshi’s item numbers and other punjabi tunes also fail to make any impact or add some jazz.

Asin deserves at least a mention; she wore the same pair of earrings for all of the second half of the movie. I wouldn’t think that a movie starring such big guns would be pushed for budgets, but it clearly seems so. Her doe-eyes for Inder attempt a love story but cliche dialogues kill the romance in the bud.

Thankfully the movie lasted all of two hours, and I would recommend watching it at your own risk.