I love how fashionistas, beauty and style gurus, and critiques in the business come up with something or the other every now and then that ‘breaks the internet’, figuratively speaking of course.

Recently, the secret to whether you can ‘cut it short’ or no has been in vogue. This picture has been shared a little too much, for all the right reasons; in case you are yet to see it (possible only if you live under a rock!), here it is:


Quite simple, eh?

All you need to do is place a pencil or pen under your chin horizontally, then place a ruler under your ear, vertically. Measure the height of where the pencil and the ruler intersect.

Less than 2.25 inches? Go for the chop.

Longer than 2.25 inches? Long hair will be the more flattering choice.

So who all is chopping? Here’s what I look like – take a wild guess on whether I should go chopping or no. Come on people, let’s have some funnn!

P.S. If you want my amateur advice, you got it girl. You just need to hola #feelinlikeahippie