Essence – the gel nail polish in sweet as candy

I had been looking for a pink-pearly nude nail colour for a long time. Without any intention to purchase, I tried on Essence colours while awaiting my turn at the checkout counter, and bam! Here’s the little naughty nail varnish that I had been searching for oh-so-long.

It’s part of the Essence’s gel nail colour range, and is called Sweet as Candy. Ideally, you need to apply it with its own base and top coat to enjoy long lasting colour and chip resistance, but I only wanted the colour. Also, I am not a fan of gelish nail.

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Anyway. Essence Sweet as Candy has a curvy bottle, wide applicator and a translucent colour. It swings between pale pink and pearly white, and is an easy colour to carry for all skin tones (or maybe more so for tan girls).

What I love – the colour, for it’s subtle. Also, I have been wearing it for 5 days now and not a chip. So even without the LED lamp and gel top and base coat, it lasts easily for a week (at least).

It costs approximately AED15, and is available across Dubai.

If you need more information, let me know and I can help you find the nearest location – no, it is not a sponsored post. I am trying to be genuinely nice for a change.

And now comes the infamous #handfie:


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