Make a Statement with Swarovski

For a long time, Swarovski was synonymous to dainty precious jewelry for me. I remember Mr. N gifting me a Swarovski necklace on my first birthday with him, five years ago, and I thought to myself ‘I personify goth – what will I do with something so delicate?’. I carefully wrapped it back in and placed it with other precious jewels my mom had been collection for my trousseau.


This perception got a kick in the shin at the launch of Swarovski’s FW ’15 collection, themed Winter Gardens. The collection was anything but demure. It had the signature sparkle and dazzle, but with a lot more oomph and ‘I dare you to look away’ undertone.

Inspired by nature and gardens, the collection takes flora and fauna to an autumnal interpretation. Foliage morphs into lace-like filigrees, insects and night butterflies transform into stylized pendants, in a palette of autumnal flowers and berry tones. The collection features a generous offering of easy to wear designs ranging from the timeless to the fashionable and from the subtle to the bold.

Dusky necklace exemplifies this contemporary reference to nature with repeated drop-shaped crystals which take centre stage on a rose-gold polished metal all-around base, twisted by the addition of leather.

The clean lines and subtle sparkle of the Stardust bracelet, appearing in its third season, confirms its ability to inject an instant touch of glamour into any outfit. The 730 tiny crystals in the simple wrap and the 1460 in the double version are now enclosed in a metal rather than nylon fishnet to ensure additional sparkle.

Dramatic’s large multi-facetted crystal medallions are surrounded by smaller contrasting crystals handset using the exclusive Pointiage technique.

Equally seducing are the “Diana” necklace and ring. The metal base of the necklace features crystal stone stacking in faded pinks that reference the fall flowers theme, and the voluminous ring serves to pile on its own style of drama.

The insect motif can be found in the “Daphne” pendants, which combine the classical spirit of crystals in rich gemstone colours with the more modern stylized lace-like filigree abstractions of butterfly wings.

I absolutely love the collection – and you? Please let me know thoughts in the comment box below!

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