I generally don’t splurge on cosmetics. But I am a hoarder. Always looking for something new. Cosmetics are more of an impulse purchase for me than planned excursions.

And that is how I came across Essence Sun Club. It is all-in-one bronzing and highlighting kit, and can be used on eyes, face and body. It is available in two shades – one for darker skin and brunettes and the other for lighter skin and blondes.

What do I think about the product? I have become a devotee; it has beautiful colours, great transfer-ability, coverage and can be used as an eye-shadow, highlighter and contouring powder.

I have used the whole kit, seriously. It works for a subtle glow during the stay and an all-out glam look for a night out.

I was stuck in traffic (for the umpteenth time) and decided to work the Sun Club magic to show you the before and after. Here’s the result:

Essence Sun Club Swatch

Piece of advice – a little bit goes a long way. Do not apply with abandon.