Hair Makeover
What hair style and colour should I go for next?

It took me a long time to convince myself to write this post. Earlier, I thought to keep my experience to myself, but then I reminded myself that the whole idea of Cherry Cross is to voice my opinions and share my experiences – good and bad both.

So here it is.

I bought a voucher for hair colour and protein treatment at H&H Salon from Groupon. I had never heard of this salon before and my only reason to buy it was the close proximity. It is located in JLT (cluster W, Tiffany Towers), and is a mere 5 minutes’ drive from my office.

I finally made an appointment and arrived at the salon. A man (who I later found out was the hair stylist) was at the reception and made absolutely no attempt to greet or serve. Next to the reception was a nail station and I told the Filipino lady there that I have a hair colour appointment. She called another girl to escort me to the hair wash station.

I tried to strike a conversation with the lady, and she told me that the salon has been running for almost a year and is owned by a Sudanese woman. After a little bit of burn with the hot water (she didn’t know it would get so hot) and a session of tug of war, I was finally done with the first step. Can you tell I am already anxious?

Looking back, I can only say that I was certainly possessed when I decided to get a haircut as well while I was at a salon. I told the disinterested gentleman, who I had a not-so-impressive encounter at the reception, that I want a haircut, followed by change of colour to absolute black.

He picked up his scissors and got to work. And guess what? They couldn’t cut worth a dime. He was struggling to cut through my tresses, and then nonchalantly asked for a replacement. Obviously nobody gave two hoots and he continued with his mission to give me split ends with a paper-cutting pair of scissors.

Then came the colour. My only brief was about the colour — that it needs to be black for I wanted to overwrite the remains of ombre. The usual process followed, colouring and washing, and then the blow dry.

I bid farewell, and left.

Two months down the lane (fast forward to today), I have an infuriating case of split ends. Moreover, the colour has WASHED OUT and you can see the browns and blonds sprouting their tired heads.

Not only was the service sub-standard, I was further disappointed with the staff, and their lack of mannerism and congeniality. Personally, I like a stylist who talks and offers advice. I am trusting them with something as important as my hair and the least I expect is for them to do a good job at it.

It goes without saying that I never went back to redeem my other voucher. If you want to know what other people are also saying about this salon, click here.

Once bitten, twice shy.

My hair stylist at H&H Salon.
My hair stylist at H&H Salon.

I am looking for a spring hair makeover and thinking about Pastel Salon. I have previously tried their services and they are fantastic. You can read my review here.

Any other salons you would recommend? Please drop in your suggestion below.

Happy weekend my lovelies!

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H&H Salon, JLT, Dubai.
H&H Salon, JLT, Dubai.