Against all my teachers and parents’ expectations, I did get a bad grade in A-Levels’ General English.

How did that happen? I actually understood the reason and solved the mystery a decade later.

I was a decent orator, and my English teacher was ever so confident that I will be her twinkling (not shining) star. When I first appeared in the exam, I ended up a bad grade – no, I won’t tell you what it was. Just know that it was a BAD grade.

I was stunned. My teacher was shocked. She couldn’t believe it. She kept on interrogating, asking me what I had done so wrong to end up with this embarrassing result. I was lost and heart broken, and clueless. She was so confident in my abilities = so much so that she convinced me to reappear.

Fuelled by her optimism and faith in me, I went ahead and sat through the exam again. And guess what, the bad grade became WORSE. Yes, I went down the drain rather than uphill.

I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. She couldn’t figure it our either. I was graduating and we surrendered.

Years down the lane, I joined ITP Publishing. Its a UK registered company so we adhere to British spellings and not American. And what curriculum is GCE? Yes, you got that right – British.

And hence I now believe that the reason for my demise was SPELLINGS. How petty is that, right? It had nagged me for so long, but I think I can now lay my demons to rest.

So now we know –> It’s all about spelling my darling, all about spellings.