GCE General English and I – A love hate affair

Against all my teachers and parents’ expectations, I did get a bad grade in A-Levels’ General English.

How did that happen? I actually understood the reason and solved the mystery a decade later.

I was a decent orator, and my English teacher was ever so confident that I will be her twinkling (not shining) star. When I first appeared in the exam, I ended up a bad grade – no, I won’t tell you what it was. Just know that it was a BAD grade.

Despite actually putting work into this exam, I didn’t perform very well. This was the same for some of my friends. Throughout most of the course, a few of my friends had been using cheetahpapers.com/essay/cheap/ to help them write some of their essays that would predict their overall grade. Of course, these essays they were submitting were almost perfect, meaning that they were targeted highly. However, when in the real exam, they weren’t able to perform to the same standard. This led to some of them also receiving low grades at the end of the course. Perhaps this course wasn’t for us, upon reflection!

I was stunned. My teacher was shocked. She couldn’t believe it. She kept on interrogating, asking me what I had done so wrong to end up with this embarrassing result. I was lost and heart broken, and clueless. She was so confident in my abilities = so much so that she convinced me to reappear.

Fuelled by her optimism and faith in me, I went ahead and sat through the exam again. And guess what, the bad grade became WORSE. Yes, I went down the drain rather than uphill.

I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. She couldn’t figure it our either. I was graduating and we surrendered.

Years down the lane, I joined ITP Publishing. Its a UK registered company so we adhere to British spellings and not American. And what curriculum is GCE? Yes, you got that right – British.

And hence I now believe that the reason for my demise was SPELLINGS. How petty is that, right? It had nagged me for so long, but I think I can now lay my demons to rest.

So now we know –> It’s all about spelling my darling, all about spellings.

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