There were days, back when I was a teenage rebel with kohl rimmed eyes, dusky tan and hair tangled for a permanent beachy look. I used to smear black eye pencil, hurting while putting on and more so when taking them off.

I did not intend to go all nostalgic or reminiscent days gone by (I am all but 26!). What I wanted to share was two of my absolute favourite eyeliners with you beautiful girls.


1. Makeup Forever’s Artist Liner

If I didn’t know better, I would have been convinced that it has butter inside — given the ultra-creamy texture. The application will blow your socks off. It is super soft and glides on like a dream. It is a twist-up pencil which means you never need to sharpen it (brownie points for that).

It works splendidly to line your bottom and UPPER lash line – yes ma’am. Also, it is equally good to define your upper and lower lash line, and can be smudged for smokey eyes.

CC rating: 4.5/5


2. Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner

Now this was a game changer. This liner is best known for its easy application, allowing makeup junkies like myself to create a winged look in no time. This effortless application is made possible as Benefit has filled gen formula in a pen, with twist-up

And the staying power is fantastic – it actually goes through an entire day. It comes in matte finish, which makes it day time appropriate as well.

CC rating: 4/5

Do tell me if you’d like me to review any other eyeliners and I shall oblige. Cheerios!

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