This chica is certainly getting used to “breaking the internet” with her antics.

Her latest act, going platinum blond, from her dark brunette self, again stirred the fashion hornet’s nest.

Some daring critiques loved it while the dark-hair-fans were left wide eyed and opened mouth.

Byrdie spoke to the masterminds behind this drastic makeover to find out how did they go from brunette to such flimsy platinum.

Kardashian credited her longtime makeup artist Joyce Bonelli as her inspiration, hairstylist Gregory Russell for her chop, and colorist Lori Goddard of Goddard + Bragg Salon in Los Angeles for the brand new hue.

“It took approximately four to five hours,” Goddard said. “It was a five-step process, but we did it in one session.” She explains that it’s extremely difficult to bring dark hair to this silvery-blonde color, because “it shifts the condition of the hair,” but you can keep your hair strong if you follow some rules. First, do a strand test to make sure your hair is strong enough to go lighter. Another tip? “Begin the hair process away from the scalp, working with ends first,” she says. “The scalp exudes heat, which quickens the dying process.” As for maintenance, Goddard says it’s imperative to stay away from straightening irons as much as possible, use low-heat styling tools when you do heat style, and make sure you have a super-moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

Personally, I am not appalled but I do like her contoured and dark haired.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian’s new look?