Meydan Beach Club has become a favourite of fashion labels to host fashion shows and press previews at. And I absolutely love it for the venue is 10 minutes away from my office; I can drop by during lunch hour and no one gets hurt.

Tommy Hilfiger also held its spring/summer 2015 press preview at Meydan, featuring vintage pieces by the brand as a special feature. Celebration 30 years anniversary, the brand brought out the first ever designed collections to the front foray, confirming the same ethos and aesthetics that is mirrored in the collections designed today.

SS’15 for Tommy Hilfiger is all about stars and stripes, set against blues, greens and purples. The runway collection comprises floor length and cocktail dresses, cinched with belts, with horizontal stripes and glittering stars.

There are signature denim pieces, with washed out blue as a colour of the hour. I absolutely fell in love with a button-down denim playsuit; it was refreshing and made you wish summer was here already.

Oh, and the Ramadan Collection – yes, Tommy Hilfiger has gone all out this time and designed a collection for Ramadan. Its small but will definitely come in handy for the many suhoor and futoor get-togethers. Earthy colour palette and simple silhouette to honour the month of restrain.

All in all, it’s quite a predictable and fool-proof collection. And as Anna Wintour taught us, basics don’t betray you.

On that note, have a fabulous weekend cherries. If you have no plans yet, check out the Jazz Festival over the weekend. John Legend is performing Friday!