Contouring Crush: Lancôme Le Duo Contour and Highlighter Stick

Ingenious. Why didn’t I know this existed until today? Last night to be exact, but that’s not the point.


If you’re among the legions of women who have mastered in-car mascara application, chances are you don’t use contouring makeup on the regular—it’s just too high-maintenance for your fast-and-easy routine.

But this new contouring crayons might just change your stance: With 30 seconds and a few flicks of a stick, you can emphasize the facial features you love, subtly reshape the features you don’t, and create the illusion of an overall slimmer face.

Lancôme Le Duo Contour and Highlighter Stick is a take-anywhere stick that delivers enhanced skin contouring and highlighting in your favourite shade with just a few strokes.

We also love the range of shades available in this multitasking wand (because being labelled “ivoire” is trés preferable to “pale”). The lightweight texture is a unique powder-crème for contouring and a silky-crème for highlighting.

The portable and sleek packaging, easy application and the fact that both ends of the stick are designed to fit in narrow areas of the face like the nose and jawline for precision makes it a darling to us.

 How to use:

– Chisel your cheeks: Beginning at the top of your ear, apply the contour following the line directly underneath your cheekbone. Use the highlighter in a half moon shape, starting at the top of your temple and following down the top of the cheekbone. Blend shades to create a faux glow and defined cheek bones.

– Sculpt your nose: Draw a line with the contour side of the stick down both sides of the nose. It’s important to blend so it looks natural. To add more dimension or length, highlight down the bridge of the nose.

– Define your jaw: Contour along the jawline on both sides of the face, starting at the edge of the jaw toward the chin. Blend well for a softly defined jawline; add highlight to the chin to balance the sculpted jaw. ​

So, what’s your favourite contouring-on-the-go product ladies?

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