Last night I attended a casual yet intimate media preview for Max Fashion’s Spring 2015 collection. Needless to say I was fashionably lat (only because I work at least until 6PM). By the time I arrived at the venue – Radisson Blu’s rooftop poolside – it was already dark. The balmy air and mellow lighting made it absolutely perfect. Yes, it made the designer pull out every piece from the rack to show me but well, I ain’t complaining.

What is Max Fashion’s spring collection like?

It’s quintessential Max. Lots of floral patterns, tribal waves and nautical aspirations on chiffon, georgette, light denim and jacquard. There are a few sweatshirts, taking cue from the sporty trend, with burnout stripes.

I had the pleasure of briefly chatting with one of the designers for Max and she rightly profiled her audience – people looking for pocket friendly fashion fix.

In terms of colour palette, there is a strong influence of blue, with monochrome, orange and pastels for variety.

When I asked Sulakshana (designer at Max) about the choice of cuts, she said that they are mainly driven from runways, trend reports and their own records of what sells the best.

I was quite surprised when she told me that every segment of Max has almost nine collections for each season. Never mind there is always something or other that’s new for Max’s regulars on every visit.

Pictures of the collection to follow shortly, so stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook page!