Top 10 facts about Market OTB

Market OTB - Dubai

You think you know all there is to know about the hottest alfresco shopping destination in town? Think again. See below and tell me how many of these 10 facts did you know of about Market Outside The Box (aka market OTB and MOTB); no cheating!

  1. There are 60 retailers exhibiting at MOTB (such as Mochi, Bullets & Butterflies, FMM by Fatma Al Mulla, Neon Edge, The O Jewelry and West LA)
  2. It’s the second year for MOTB in Dubai
  3. 95% retailers at MOTB are home-grown.
  4. Two movies are being screened at Cinema Akil during MOTB
  5. Tania Saleh will be performing live on Jan 23 2015 at the MOTB venue
  6. Admission to MOTB is free
  7. Three sessions with experts to discuss sustainability
  8. There are 14 F&B outlets for a diverse dining experience (including Baker and Spice, Raw Coffee, Mama Tani and Mantoushe)
  9. You can even get sporty at MOTB with FAST circuit training by Hautletic, Urban Yoga by Hauteltic and RAGE Mini Ramp for skating enthusiasts
  10. The adjacent park has bicycles to rent and you can leave your man to it while you shop until you drop – howzat?

Now, how many did you know of already smarty pants?

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