Resolutions for 2015? None!

Hello my lovely cherries,

Very happy New Year to  you all. 2014 Was a fantastic year, with lots of new experiences and invaluable friendships. Also, thank you all for believing in Cherry Cross and supporting me. I wouldn’t have reached the milestones that I did if it weren’t for you. So thank you everyone.

Now about those resolutions that we make every 1st of January and forget by 31st of the same month (at least I do). This year, I am making none. This year, I will do what makes me happy and is good for me.

Come to think of it, all resolutions circle around these basics anyway. Lose weight, be a better friend, learn to ride a bike, enroll in masters program, manage money better, etc etc.

If making resolutions works for you, then you must. After all, a new year is as much a clean slate start as you can get, and is a perfect time to vow to be a better and happy person.

I think that’s enough preaching for the day *guilty*.

I will go back to my cereal breakfast. Amm, yes if is after 5PM. Sleeping late makes me happy and I have resolved to be happy! So on track *wink wink*

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