Celebrating 30 Years of Makeup Forever at Pacha Ibiza

Dany Sanz and Body Paint Models

There is always one night (usually during the week) that has more events than all week combined. 18th of this month was one such day, with five events in a span of 6 hours. And all of that after work!

I excused from the two, started my night at Vhenier’s 30th anniversary private media exhibition at ArtSawa Gallery in DIFC. Then I headed to Atelier M, who was celebrating their 1st year anniversary with Sohad Accouri’s fashion show and unveiling of world’s most expensive dish.

The night ended at Pacha, where Makeup Forever was celebrating 30 glamorous years. I arrived during the end of the jamborees, where most people were a little tipsy with free-flowing drinks and the remaining bewitched by dancers and performers.

Dany Sanz, Founder and Artistic Director, of Makeup Forever sketched the looks of the shows and brought them to life with a team of makeup artists during the evening.  She flew in from Paris to be part of the celebration and share her passion with the attendees.

Attended by over 700 people including VIPs, celebrities and media, the event brought the world of professional makeup from backstage onto the centre stage.

Hats off to Pacha for putting together a fabulous and entertaining show – must check it out.


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