Eyelash Extension Review: Oh my Falsies!

I am obsessed with beautiful eyes. I won’t shy away from going under the knife to have my child have green or blue eyes. Or how about marigold ones?

This obsession leads to another – falsies. Truth be told, I have never put on fake eyelashes on my own and have never used products like Xlash serum to grow my lashes either, although I do hope to try out products like these in the near future. I always get them done at salons, and the best ones have last me about three days. Three glorious days of fluttering eyelashes and effortless glam. And then they come off. Cinderella turns into a pumpkin.

And then Pastels Salon came into my life. I sound like such a TVC. I will stop with the drama. Now.

I had heard of eyelash extensions before and I knew that they are supposed to last 2-3 weeks. I decided to try them on, and experience it myself, only to report to all you falsy-addicts. I love anything beautiful-related as you guys know!

Eyelash Expert

Having worked in Harrods’ Urban Retreat, Daniel Galvin and Harvey Nichols London, Laila Nazari has a string of celebrity and VIP clients including supermodels, royalty, and movie stars. Hardly surprising given that Laila’s unique technique is one of precision, whether it is to create perfect lashes or brows for her clients.

Treatment – Initial Screening

Laila escorted me into a room, very similar to atypical facial facility; however, this one was bright and sunny. She wore a magnifying glasses (of sorts) to closely inspect my eyelashes. They weren’t a disaster. I had done enough damage, with my eye rubbing habit and love for waterproof mascaras, but nothing too bad for her to work on.

Laila told me she cannot work on my baby lashes for they will sabotage their natural growth. The lashes she used were of finest quality and synthetic, as real hair would be unhygienic to use. When I saw them, they actually were singular, very fine lashes. Almost flimsy. Very natural.


And then, Action!

I laid down, trying to relax, while Laila prepped my lashes. She put her magnifying glass on and got to work. She would take a single lash, put on some adhesive and glue them on my natural lash. One at a time. I wanted to salute her patience, for the entire procedure took almost 90 minutes. I could see her trained hands, working with precision and dexterity, unwavering.

By the end, she had added on over 120 lashes on each eye. That’s more than 240 lashes!


Firstly, my eyelids didn’t feel heavy. In fact, I could barely feel a thing. They looked unbelievably natural. They weren’t dramatic at all, which was a wee bit disappointing. When I inspected them closely, I could see Laila’s hard work, and how they were loaded on without being messy. You could see them well separated, creating a fan-like effect. Very pretty, indeed (blowing my own trumpet!)

Good to know

  • There will be no drama. Your lashes will look as natural as it gets. Just more romantic and feminine.
  • The adhesive can irritate the back of your throat a little; nothing long-lasting or beyond tolerance.
  • You MUST NOT rub your eyes with these falsies on. Otherwise you will not only detach them but also hurt your original lashes gravely.
  • You can shower after 48 hours; it is recommended to blow dry your lashes afterwards (seriously).
  • Do not try to pull them out. Just don’t.
  • You cannot use mascara until you have falsies on. You have to choose your preferred devil wisely. And stay committed.
  • They last two – four weeks, depending upon how well you care for them. Mine lasted visibly for almost 3 weeks.

It is for you if:

  • You want natural looking enhancement.
  • You want long lashes without any damage to your real ones – as per my personal experience.
  • Have a people-oriented job, need to look put together at all times and are not a fan of loading and unloading heaps of mascara every day.


Eyelash extensions from The Pastels salon cost AED600 and last about three weeks. You get a trained professional to work on your lashes and you can rest assured your eyes are in safe hands (you wouldn’t want to know what can happen if that adhesive lands in your eyes – PAINFUL!). It is worth the time, effort and money, and looks beautiful. Your beloved will tell you so as well. Trust me on that *wink wink*


The only downside for me was the lack of drama I need for nights out. But for a normal day at work and the rest, they are perfect.

Want to see them on me? Then click here and here.

The treatment was sponsored by The Pastels Salon; however, all the views expressed are objective and factual, and based on writer’s personal experience. To contact Pastels Salon, please click here. You can also check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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