Gift Guide…For that Smarty Pants

December is one of my most favorite months of the year. First, the temperatures drop down considerably and it is so pleasant. I love the playful wind these days – finally you can walk around and hang out at one of the beautiful parks in Dubai. Second, you get so many gifts!! If you follow my Instagram, you’d know I have been hogging  cakes and enjoying fancy dinners, pausing to graciously accept gifts from the rest.

Now, it’s only polite to return the favor (and presents). So here we start a series, listing gift ideas for particular kinds of special someones in your life.


1. Parker Pens


We might not write too often these days,  what with laptops and smart phones, but a good pen will always be priceless gift, valued by the one who knows the worth of penned words. Parker will always be the most classic option, with renowned craftsmanship, innovative design and luxurious sophistication. My favorite would have to be Sonnet Chiseled Sterling Silver Fountain Pen, with pink gold trims. If that’s too girly, you can consider the signature ciselé in black or brown as well.

To buy: +971 (4) 282 4824  or  +9171 56 1880375

33382. Paper Blanks’ Ocean Song Mini Dayplanner

We all love a handy planner, and with a social calendar like ours (without the luxury of an assistant), a hard-banded dayplanner with hand-painted cover and magnetic wrap. N gifted me one during our trip to Germany, and I have already marked all special birthdays in it. Can’t wait for 2015!

If you aren’t fancy shmancy type, you can always turn to good ol’ moleskin.

To buy: Paper Blanks Website

Here are my suggestions. What would you gift your blogger friend, like myself? Do share your suggestion below cherries 🙂

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