Travelogue: Streets of Frankfurt

Cherry Crossing Frankfurt

Having lived most of my life in Pakistan, with some odd escapades to Canada and Far East, and post marital life in UAE, winter and maple leaves are rather new to me. And that is exactly what Frankfurt is all about – Victorian architecture and golden streets, with biting chill and wet weather.

We stayed at Holiday Inn Express and were walking distance away from the central train station. We walked a lot, for up to 8 hours a day. And that was the best part about the city for me. I can picture many of my favorite historical romance novels being set in the streets and houses in Frankfurt.



If you are planning a visit, make sure to bring in a warm jacket, waterproof walking shoes and an umbrella, and go exploring.

Visit the Main Tower to enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire city, with a few high rises among many cute little frosting colored houses.

River Main is another popular destination, and must be visited on weekends during winters if you fancy a tour via boat. The river is lined with beautiful trees, adding color and character to the place. And then there is one of the many lock bridges to go from one side of the river to another.



I loved how you can cycle anywhere, but since your truly has never been fond of equilibrium, I can’t ride a bike. I shall ignore your rude gasp – there are people who cannot rise a bicycle you know.

A word of caution – drugs and prostitution is very common in Frankfurt (and many other cities of Germany). Do not carry too much money or your passports with you, and avoid crossing drunk men.

All in all, Frankfurt is one of the few cosmopolitan cities that still has old school charm and history to be proud of.

CC Recommended: 3.8/5








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