Treatment Review: HydraFacial at Beverly Hills


Days that start with training, however important, are just that – Yawn.

I have got exactly 18 things to do on my list (oh shucks, I see another two emails popping in just now – PURRFECT!) and all I want to do is curl under a creamy duvet or slide on a massage bed and let someone with soft hands ease those killer knots at the back of my neck. Two weeks in a job and I already need a break. Lazy much?

Instead of yawning and dreaming of a massage, I decided to write a much-anticipated treatment review. So here we go.

IMAG1101I went to Beverly Hills Aesthetic and Medical Centre for a hydrafacial last evening. I am not a fan of facials and Turkish baths and professional massages; I get a bit squeamish with foreign hands touching me beyond a handshake. But my skin was screaming for hydration and scrubbing, and I finally decided to do the needful.

Located in Jumeirah, the facility looks quite medicinal and has a serious vibe to it – compared to girly bubbly salon feel. I was warmly greeted by the receptionist, offered a drink and then led to a private facial room. My therapist, Amanda, was all business like until I requested her to  tell me about the facial and that I will record it for my blog. Oh boy, the endless giggles that followed were amusing yet distracting. Suffice is to say she didn’t utter a world until I put the recorder away; then, she was all informative and accommodating.

Hydrafacial is one of the least invasive treatments at Beverly Hills; it cleans, exfoliates and hydrates the skin, using innovation equipment (which looks like suction pipes in action). Additionally, there is a mild peel involved, and a mask (it’s THE mask – more on it later).

IMG_20141109_185801I will be brief about the procedure and let you experience it on your own visit. It begins with active cleansing, followed by exfoliation. Then some medical equipment, with tubes sneaking out, is used to cleanse and exfoliate some more. Surprisingly, it was as painless as it gets. My skin is sensitive to the point of being a nuisance, and when it turned scarlet under the effects of intense ingredients, Amanda proceeded cautiously. She recommended I skip the peel for most parts of my face, and only go for the problem areas (namely forehead, nose and chin).

And then came the mask. Boy, those were one of the most relaxing ten minutes of my life. No exaggeration. It was an icy mint mask with aloe vera; it had a little sting initially but eventually the iciness turned soothing, and the lax massage of red and blue LEDs was a lullaby. I nearly dozed off. It was amazing.

The entire procedure could take about 30-45 minutes, and costs around AED750 (AED450 without the mask). I think it’s on the pricy side, and probably the only deterring factor, but you have to at least experience it once. I am blessed with decent skin, and barely have problem areas. It’s not porcelain, like Simona Stankovik (that girl is flawless, touchwood), but it’s decent. I think it would do wonders for people with dry and problematic skin, or ones fighting those early signs of aging and fainting every morning at the sight of a new line around their eyes. Or a beautyaholic looking for a good, deep cleanse. Or, YOU!


I have talked enough – to get an appointment or visit the facilities, here’s the contact information for you:

Jumeriah 2, Al Wasl Road. Villa No.460, PO Box 25302 Dubai, UAE

Tel: +97143495528 +97143495538

P.S. The gorgeous Laura Lawson is the brand ambassador for Beverly Hills and might answer a question or two for you, if you ask with a smile and donut.

Cheers to beautiful and healthy skin!

P.S.S. If you’d like to take care of your skin at home with fantastic products, here’s what you need. Go ahead, click it – doesn’t bite *wink*

Note: All opinions and reviews expressed are based on my personal experience.

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