Damn all the beauty face filters and easy to come fast food to hell and back.

I had a fantastic facial three days ago, my skin is so much better (I will tell you all about it in the next post), but it’s not clear like it used to be. I rack my brains for what am I doing wrong, and a nagging voice (very similar to my darling mother India’s voice) whisper “you skin will never hide what you eat!”

Voila – that’s the answer.

I have been eating unhealthy like there is no tomorrow. From McDonald’s (yes, even at 26 I am hooked) to Chili’s to pizza to 5 dinners out a week, my eating habits have gone to the dog. And so has my skin.

It is a very nonsensical post but I had to put it out there for people who are left wondering ‘why is that gold facial of AED 100,000 not working!’ or ‘I will have to ask my mesotherapist to go even deeper’. Ladies, it’s what you eat. A friend of mine had fresh fruits every day for lunch. Her skin is, touchwood, glowing at all hours. She is probably the only one who could say ‘in your face Mary-Lou Manizer’. See, now you know what I mean?

Oh, and maybe, it’s age. I am getting old as we speak. So depressing!

And you got that right – I am writing gibberish because I have tons of work to do that I don’t wanna do. I just want to get my gelish manicure and pedicure done! Life and it’s unfairness *hmph*

Have a lovely weekend beautiful people :*