It has been a while since I last wrote – about seven days or so ago. Life has been pushed into the fast lane once again, with my new editorial role at ITP’s hospitality group. Churning out stories and attending all number of events during the week and at weekend had me exhausted. But I am loving it. It’s the role and company I had dreamt of, and a new industry to explore. Oh, and there is lots of food involved. Like lots and lots – now, who can complain about that?

On the flipside, I am off for holidays in about 2 weeks so any spare time I have is spent planning; mind you, no actions involved. Just planning and Excel sheets (yup, I do make an Excel for my vacations – four years at Axact would drum organization in you). Where to, you ask? Soon you’ll know cherries *excited*

I have been waking up before 8:20AM every day. If you know me, you can relate to my pain. I am not a morning person, and making it to work by 9:00 or 9:10 is a constant challenge. The only way I have been able to pull it off was because I love my job. The team is pretty cool, and it has been an educational experience so far.

Enough about me – what’s going on with you my lovely ladies? And gentlemen? What’s new? Love hearing from you as always.

Much love,