CC Exclusive Inspiration: Jo Malone, Dyslexic Perfumer Par Excellence

It came to me as a surprise that the woman behind the infamous label, Jo Malone, was actually a dyslexic who dropped out of school to care for her ailing mother at a very young age. She couldn’t read or write, and learnt to translate her perception of people and personalities to fragrances. Her signature perfumes are coveted by royalties and celebrities, including Duchess Kate Middleton and Jennifer Lopez, and is a name synonymous with classic elegance and timeless impression.

Furthermore, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003, and sold her company in entirety to Estee Lauder in 2006. After struggling with her disease and dealing with lemons life had thrown her way (and did she love lemons or what?) she came out healthy and decided to again pursue what she did best – mixing scents to create luxury and indulgence – with a new label, Jo Loves.

When she launched Jo Loves in 2011, she said it is ‘all about memories’. It immediately started getting attention, with a cult following like her former eponymous company, Jo Malone.

Jo Loves Store Hoarding comp

Have you had a whiff of Jo Malone’s Jo Loves? I am sure it is as tantalizing as ever. Now, what inspired us at Cherry Cross about Jo Malone:

  • Her humbling beginnings didn’t deter her dreams of a ‘better life’
  • She figured out what she was really good at, i.e. mixing scents, and made a career out of it (how many of us can say the same?)
  • She made mistakes and took risks, but was never beaten down
  • She wasn’t an MBA from Oxford yet is a founder of a multi-million dollar business – so, if you got it, you got it.
  • Breast cancer could devastate any woman, and rightly so. She came out of it as a victorious survivor
  • Selling your brand, which is an extension to your very being, isn’t easy, unless you have a very wise and stable head on your shoulders, and a supportive husband by your side
  • She reinvented herself at 46 with a new label and a new name, ignited by an old love affair

Inspirational much cherries??

How about you – anyone who has blown your socks off recently? We are listening love  – comment box below please *muah*

Credits: CNN’s Leading Women

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