Street Style….The Bollywood Way!

Sonakshi Sinha doesn’t make it to news often for her fashion sense and style. She’s spotted mostly in unflattering saris or wrap dresses and palazzos that don’t do her beauty justice. She has come a long way though, and Action Jackson shows the dusky in all her glam glory…

Sonakshi Sinha Glam Avatar - Cherry Cross

This effortless chic look is one of the best from Sonakshi, and makes me excited about her upcoming film, Action Jackson, starring Ajay Devgan. Yes, I watch movies for fashion quotient – why else do you think I never miss Sonam Kapoor’s flicks? *wink*

How to get Sonakshi’s look? All you need is:

  • Fedora – Available at H&M, New Look and Forever 21
  • Jersey dress – Check out H&M, Splash and Forever 21
  • Plaid shirt – Splash, men’s section please
  • Ankle boots – Now this one is a fab find. I saw similar ones at Carrefour (yes!) at Mall of the Emirates. My size was out of stock already – go before yours is gone too.

Your other best friends for this look are fake tan and MAC bronzer.

Cheers to all things inspirational and beautiful!

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