Khoobsurat Movie 2014

Yes, I finally watched Fawad Khan’s Bollywood début film Khoobsurat last night. Featuring Sonam Kapoor and Kirron Kher, it’s a light-hearted rom-com, produced by Anil Kapoor production.

I love Sonam’s fashion sense and she looks street-style-meets-urban-dehliite-amazing throughout the film. Her wardrobe is dominated by colourful, clashing prints and mismatched sportswear. From smiley face socks to paisley printed rainbow scarves, bright painted nails and funky accessories, you just can’t fault her wardrobe. There wasn’t a look I didn’t like (yea, that doesn’t happen often). She kept her hair understated, with kohl lined eyes, scandalous eyelashes, bright pink blush and purple-pink lips. Again, a ten on ten. Now if you talk about her acting skills…. Rather, let’s not.

Instead, let’s talk about the ever-so-handsome Fawad Khan. A Pakistani heart-throb, he fit the role of a Rathore Prince quite naturally; I mean that eyebrow arching skill doesn’t come easy. In all due honesty, his acting skills didn’t blow me away, but he earned my absolute respect for on-screen display of our culture. I am not prude but I do not appreciate Veena Malik or Umaima Malik’s item numbers in micro minies and unabashed lip locking. I loved how there were no such scenes in Khoobsurat and Fawad didn’t succumb to Bollywood pressures of masala.

If you still haven’t watched the movie, do go out to watch it and support the cast. It’s a decent watch!

Talking about cast, had Anil Kapoor casted Parineeti instead of Sonam for Mili’s role, this movie could have done wonders! Just saying….

Here are some of my favorite Sonam looks from the movie – there were many more but I can’t find pictures :/ Another reason for you to go and watch the movie, and get some serious wardrobe inspiration!