Not everyone can jet set to New York, London and Paris for bi-annual fashion week seasons (although we really really want to). Hence, some of us have to make do with local fashion weeks to quench that thirst.

When I got to know of India Fashion Week coming to Dubai, I quickly assumed it to be in the league of Lakme Fashion Week and signed up. I was pleasantly surprised at Shujaah (organizer’s) prompt reply to my queries via email, and connecting me to the person in charge. But from there on, it was one disappointment after the other.

I was promised a delivery of printed invites, and only received an e-invite after a couple of reminders. I arrived for the press conference, only to see hammers at work and men plastering wallpapers. I looked around, went to meet a friend who was showcasing (Shweta Wahi) and then finally chatted with an intern for Masala Magazine. I waited for an hour, keeping an eye for any hopeful movements but finally decided to leave.

I came back for Shweta’s show, which was scheduled for 6:30 PM but started at 9:00 PM. I was told that the models were rehearsing BETWEEN the shows (how does that work anyway?), they were seen tripping more than once and the designers showcasing were MOSTLY below average.

I wish I had something positive to say about the experience, but I don’t. It does not mean I don’t appreciate the effort; trust me, I do. Such shows provide a platform for upcoming designers to showcase their collections, and attract prospective buyers and boutiques. The management only needs to work on their administration, and raise the benchmark for designers who can participate, to make it a roaring success.

On second thoughts, maybe the presence of Meera Jee and Bipasha Basu made the efforts worth it after all 🙂

I don’t have many pictures from the shows, only some really bad quality ones I took with my new HTC Desire 816. Please visit to get a glimpse of India Fashion Week Season 1.

Did you attend the first season of India Fashion Week? Your comments?