18th July 2018

The Art of Gifting “BIG”

yougotagift.com at Cherry Cross

yougotagift.com at Cherry CrossWhen I was at Axact, we were pretty enthusiastic about birthdays and weddings. We used to plan way in advance about what presents to buy, where to celebrate, what food to order and other such details. As time passed, we got way too busy to plan such momentous events (and the increasing size of our department didn’t help either). It got to a point where we just collected cash, dumped it in a plain ol’ envelope and presented with an absent smile. Sad state of affairs.

That got me thinking –> What if there were a personal shopper for gifts? Or a service that somehow manages it for you? And this is how I landed at yougotagift.com. Gift registry is a very common concept in west and one that’s becoming  popular in East as well. Yougotagift.com is based on the same idea, whereby you can send gifts to your loved ones in Middle East from anywhere in the world. Moreover, you can get together with your friends to pitch in for something big – say honeymoon tickets for your newly wed best friend? Or a new laptop for that unemployed dork you have for cousin?

yougotagift.com at Cherry CrossHow it works –> Quite simple. Visit yougotagift.com, create a group gift for the occasion, pick a gift card from over 60+ options (from fashion, beauty to electronics, wellness, entertainment and dining), customize your card, invite friends to pitch in and voilà – you are done! Your beloved can redeem the voucher at their convenience, and pick gifts that they REALLY like. Art of gifting has been made so much simpler with yougotagift.com.

I am off to get some beauty goodies from Faces with my yougotagift.com voucher 🙂 Share the post with friends and family to drop ‘subtle’ hints (and sharing is SEXY) – Happy Gifting and Shopping lovelies!

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