imageAt the strike of 2PM, my tummy does somersaults and hanger pangs drag me to the kitchen. The refrigerator glow is oh-so-inviting and I eye the carb laden food on display greedily. And it gives me a bit of peace to know a million other people are doing the exact same thing – feeding their midnight hunger and cravings.
Had I not overslept (it’s weekend) I probably would have been asleep and not writing this. I slept until late, mixed up my meals and had dinner at 9. A couple of hours later, I am hungry and can’t sleep. Now I have had leftovers from the dinner and am feeling too full to sleep. Also, this means no breakfast for me tomorrow morning. Darn!
To fight this sumo wrestler diet I am on, I googled some ways to help these cravings at bay. If you also suffer from this problem, read ahead for possible cures:
1. Have protein rich breakfast
2. Don’t drink your calories through soda, juices, lattes, etc. They will spike your sugar level and cause cravings
3. Have regular meals on set times
4. Add protein (lean meat, fish) and good quality fats (nuts, olive oil) to all your meals
5. Reduce stress in your life. Relaxed people are thin people.
6. Prioritize sleep – if you don’t sleep, you will be hungry for carbs and sugar (ask me!)

Hope this helps… Time to sleep! Goodnight 🙂