Bobbi Brown at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, NY
Bobbi Brown at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, NY


CNN’s Leading Women got in conversation with the beauty Mogul Bobbi Brown, Founder and COO of Bobbi Brown, and here’s what we got to know about this creative genius (which we didn’t already know):

  1. When she moved to Manhattan for the first time, she didn’t know anyone. She started by looking up makeup, model and fashion in the yellow pages.
  2. Her first Vogue cover was with Naomi Campbell, with photographer Patrick De Marchelier in 1987
  3. Bobby Brown, the brand, was launched with an investment of $10,000 and a mission to create lipsticks that looked like ‘lips’
  4. 4 years later, in 1995, the company was acquired by Estee Lauder as Bobbi Brown was beating Estee Lauder in pretty much all stores. However, Bobbi still retains full creative control of her ever-expanding empire
  5. Bobbi Brown has so far penned 8 books, is Beauty Editor at Yahoo and has an eyewear line as well.
  6. Bobbi Brown sells 21 million units every year – that’s 2400 per hour
  7. Bobbi Brown believes you can have it ALL – both men and women can try and achieve it all if they really know what they want.
  8. My favorite quote from Bobbi Brown: Confidence is what makes you comfortable; I don’t think I felt it until I was 40.
Bobbi Brown at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, NY
Bobbi Brown at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, NY


  • Her greatest strength: Persistence
  • Mistake she regrets: Worrying about what others think
  • Biggest challenge: Making tough decisions based on business and numbers, which might hurt someone somewhere
  • Bobbi Brown’s tip for natural looking skin: Use yellow foundation
  • Her role models: Mickey Drexler (CEO J.Crew Group), Howard Schultz (Starbucks) and Richard Branson (founder Virgin Group)

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