My trip to Karachi was a surprise for my parents. I planned to take a white cab home, and celebrate Eid with them this year.

Rewind 18 hours:
After a busy, sleepless night, I boarded a cramped plane to Karachi and arrived at a crowded airport (it was first day of Eid here and I was expecting otherwise), and finally crawled out of the airport an hour later. Cab kiosks gave me a waiting time of anywhere between 20 – 60 minutes, and I couldn’t wait that long – not with a flu that was intent on worsening with each passing second.

I crossed my fingers and took a yellow cab, silently praying to not get kidnapped instead of arriving home. But soon, I forgot all my fears and I absorbed the sights and smell of my city. Weather here was PLEASANT, with dusty wind and clouds. I saw families riding together, possibly visiting their relatives. There was a family of four on a bike, all smiling ear to ear over some inside joke. They were happy. These were, albeit not rich, but genuinely happy families. There was a very strong, palpable feeling of togetherness. I saw the same old roads, places I had hung out with friends countless times, and happiness crept up to fill my heart.

Baby, I have arrived… HOME 🙂