N is a big fan of Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, so when they come together to share a screen, we watch. Always. And with pleasure.

Blended is a story of two single parents, who meet once on a blind date and wish to never cross paths again. Cupid, though, has different plans altogether, and they are stuck together on a scenic resort in Africa for a family-moon.  Lauren (Drew Barrymore) has two boys while Jim (Adam Sandler) has three girls. Lauren is at loss with her son’s excessive energy and terrible baseball performance, while Jim forces his teenage daughter to dress like a boy and play basketball. Common genders are drawn to each other, and Lauren becomes the mom Jim’s daughter need and vice versa. I will leave you to see for yourself if Jim and Lauren fall in love, what happens to their children and what about Lauren’s irresponsible husband who is planning to make a comeback (and says that much to Jim).

There is an easy chemistry between all the stars of Blended, and some very funny jokes (the theater went up in roars more than a dozen times). Just when the comedy starts to lose its charm, emotions come into play and keep up the momentum. From blind date at Hooters to a lover’s suite in Africa, the movie continues to entertain, make you laugh and pull your heart’s strings.

Another thing I loved about the movie was the supporting cast. The other half of Closet Queens, the d**k, the black guy who sings EVERYTHING (if you suck, he’ll sing suck!), the vampire-look-alike cutsie, the super young blond mom who shimmies – they all entertain and make their presence count.

It’s a perfect family movie, and I would recommend you to head to the nearest theater to enjoy this romcom <3

Stills from Blended:

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