This is a novice attempt at beauty blogging and reviewing products, so if you see ‘too much’ or ‘too little’, please excuse me.

I am not very experimental when it comes to beauty products; so I have stuck to my Maybelline Kolossal Kajal, and BodyShop’s Pressed Powder and Bronzer for donkey years now. When I subscribed to GlamBox, I was hoping to change this status quo, but it resulted in me hoarding more products than really using it. Most of the items and vouchers I received lay untouched, while I am forever making a mental note of using them – ONE DAY!

Well, when I received a bunch of MaxFactor goodies in a fancy bag, I was intrigued.  And decided to use them. And guess what? Oh no, you cynical person – I didn’t add them to the pile of unused products. I DID TRY THEM ON! And found one of my favorite lip colors as well.

So, here’s what I got and what I think of it (short and sweet):

MaxFactor Color Correcting CC Cream – blends like a dream. It’s lightly pigmented so the coverage isn’t phenomenal. It’s good for casual days at work, and as base for compact powder.

MaxFactor Color X-Pert Waterproof Eyeliner – this was the least impressive product. The applicator wasn’t easiest to handle, it was hard and wasn’t long lasting. Probably this was all because of it being waterproof. I don’t work at a swimming pool – so for me, nay.

MaxFactor Color Perfection Eye Shadows in Sunset Mood – Another item that isn’t flattering for my skin color but it still stays in my makeup bag for that additional sparkle if I am going out or need a pick-me-up during the day. I usually dab some on the inner corner of my eyes, under the brow on dusk some to highlight my non-existent cheekbones.

MaxFactor Eternal Flame Lipstick – Now that’s a product I was glad to have. Besides being deliciously moisturizing, the color was bang-on what I had been looking for. It was natural, looked like a pigmented lip gloss but stayed on for an eternity. Subtle, everyday pink is not an easy color for dusky skin tones but I would highly recommend this to everyone with perfect-pink-dilemma.

So, here’s my take on these product. Have you tried any of these, or any other MaxFactor products?