If you work in fashion or media, you’ll understand why I appreciate the easy access to a salon. Working for ValleyDez and being a blogger means frequently attending events. Usually, I would go to Sasha Salon or Vog Salon (Sunset Mall), but since the opening of Rose al Arbaji Salon at a walking distance, I converted.

Owned by the gorgeous Rose Arbaji, the salon is originally from Lebanon. With achromatic interiors and funky props, I love the spacious and frosty feel of the salon. Although most of the staff is Filipino, many are fluent in Arabic and are headed by Lebanese professionals. The salon offers all the standard services, and then some more. They have a beautiful place for Hammam (Moroccan bath)  and a fitness instructor who conducts special, personalized classes.


  • The fact that it’s next door is a major plus. The convenience is unmatched.
  • The ladies are supremely talented – whether it be regular services or occasional treats, they are thorough and professional
  • Annie, the makeup artist at Rose, is extremely good at her craft. I am a major fan of her eye makeup. I usually end up changing the lip color and adding a bit of bronzer to contour, but the way she does eyes is phenomenal.
  • Wafa, the lady who does hair, is a magician. She changed (lightened) my hair color and has done my hairdo for a few events. Mind blowing!
  • Nour, my gorgeous love, runs a fitness program and has transformed people. I will soon join her program – SOON.

The only thing I would change about this place is the language barriers – either I learn Arabic super fast or Wafa and Annie learn English super quick 😀

On another note, this place is frequently visited by celebrities, so you might bump into one. I saw Latifa (the singer) – just that I had no idea who she was *so embarrassed*

Hair and makeup at Rose al Arbaji:

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Here’s what the salon looks like:

To visit or book an appointment, call the salon at 04 3213999. Rose al Arbaji on Facebook