Super delayed, I know. But I have been so busy cherries – there is so much going on that I am a bit too crazy. But it’s good crazy.

I will do a separate post on ALL that’s going on with my life; for now, let’s talk about the Ramadan Preview at ValleyDez.

Yours truly organized the event, with the ever-so-supportive team at ValleyDez. From sourcing collections to décor, food, display, PR and guest management, I had a flavor of it all. The idea was to host a preview of Ramadan Collections at ValleyDez, for a selected group of VIP clientele, Arab socialites, social media influencers and who’s who of press and media.


  • Lamya Abedin, designer for Queen of Spades, was certainly the star of the evening for me. Her collection stood out and she had models to flaunt them further. I wore her dress, and it looked gorgeous. I got quite a few compliments that evening *blush*
  • Mama Tani introduced me to Arabic delicacies as they did the food and beverage for the evening. I shamelessly gorged on the tasteful finger food, and am definitely going to visit their café at the Town Center Mall (next to Mercato) super soon.
  • I worked up close with Nadya Hasan as she’s the new brand ambassador for ValleyDez. She is such a down to earth and stylish girl. She was dressed by ValleyDez for the evening and looked fantastic.

Over to the speak-all pictures of the evening 🙂