Weighing about five pounds, I take my shopping bag to the most comfy spot in my house (the couch), plop and open the bag to my treats of the month. Crisp, colorful pages, with tons of eye candies, fashion and beauty updates, social scene and editorials await for me to devour them, bit by bit.

I love magazines – more than anything I have ever loved (professionally). They excite me, drive me, seduce me into submission of all that I have to offer. The adrenaline rush of seeing your by-line in print can never be off-set with any other professional feat. Not for me atleast.

So here I am, with my May’s issues of Harpers Bazaar, Emirates Woman (and Man), Cosmopolitan, Grazia, OK!, Ahlan! And Friday, on my couch, ready for my treats.

How about you? What are you planning to do over the long weekend? Let’s share our plans to inspire others 🙂