Nicolas Ghesquiere for Louis Vuitton

After the fantastic showcase of Chanel’s cruise collection ’15 here in Dubai, Louis Vuitton did an equally spectacular show in Monaco (or maybe better – hope Uncle K isn’t listening).

This was Nicolas Ghesquiere’s second collection for LV, and first ever cruise/resort/pre collection for the label. These collections are considered to be the most ‘profitable’ yet lazy. But Nicolas changed it completely, and brought real fashion meat to the table. He mixed technique with dazzling textiles (think inlaid silks, custom woven lace, crusted embroideries like barnacles or sea urchins), threw industrial zippers and portholes opening onto skin, to create one of the finest cruise collections for the season.

Editorial at summed it up as Nicolas ‘… elevated this “pre” season as a whole. Ghesquiere didn’t show “Cruise”. He showed fashion – fashion with the painstaking hallmarks of an aesthetic that has lead the industry for almost twenty years, and continues to do so. In short, Ghesquiere showed us how Cruise should – and no doubt will – be done”.

Enough said. Here are some of our favorite looks from the collection: