Imagine how would it be to get ANY shade of foundation, powder, eye shadow, lipstick or cream you want, without having to scour stores like Carrefour or Sephora every now and then? Like your own small cosmetics manufacturing factory under your own roof? I say FREAKING PHENOMENAL!!

No, I am not high on anything. And this isn’t a fantasy anymore. Grace Choi took the beauty world by storm when she launched her latest invention at TechCrunch Conference in New York. The serial inventor has created a 3D printer, named Mink, that allows you to create (for now) foundations, powders and eye shadows and later lipsticks and cremes as well, instantly. This futuristic technology requires you choose a color, paste it in a software like Paint and print. Voila – your product is ready.

Mink uses the same substrate and ink as makeup companies use to color their products. Ms. Choi wants to take the bullshit out of the beauty business, and focus on instant gratification – now, who doesn’t want that?
Mink is to hit the markets later this year, and will be retailed at $200. If there are pre-orders, I am definitely signing up.
Here’s the launch video, with a demo of Mink:


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