Located on the third floor of Oasis Center, Sheikh Zayed Road, Balance Cafe is one of the wings of Balance 360. This place offers healthy culinary experience, blending ancient Ayurvedic and Greek concepts, Yogic Art and macrobiotic foods together with modern-day Spa oriented nutrition. It is designed to offer a relaxing experience, with dimly lit interiors and generously spaced seating. There is a contemporary feel to the ambiance, with experimental color blocking and partially open kitchen.

The A la carte menu features three course meal options, from soups & salads to veg and non veg main courses, desserts and smoothies. What I loved was that every option had their calories and nutrition listed alongside, helping people make wiser choices. To have a look at the menu, please click here.

N and I visited Balance Cafe during the week, for dinner. It was quite, and the staff was attentive. We skipped starters, and ordered main course directly. N chose Chicken Biryani and I opted for Bolognaise with Buckwheat Pasta.

  • Chicken Biryani – Mint & saffron flavoured chicken, cooked with basmati rice served with raita & condiments (531 Cal)
Chicken Biryani at Balance Cafe
  • Bolognaise with Buckwheat Pasta – Minced beef cooked in tangy tomato sauce tossed with nutritious buckwheat soba noodles (558 Cal)
Bolognaise with Buckwheat Pasta at Balance Cafe
All ingredients are healthy, gluten free and sourced from Middle East, India, Japan and Europe. And it tasted fantastic! Rich, textured and flavorsome.
I would definitely recommend this cafe to anyone looking for healthy, delicious eating out options, on a budget. Price range – AED 100 (for two people)
Open Salad & Dessert Bar at  Balance Cafe
My boo at Balance Cafe <3