If life were as indulgent as I would like, I would probably have a manicurist at my disposal at all times of the day.
But as such treats are beyond my means at the moment, I make do with an occasional trip to the salon and otherwise at home, tug-of-war with my nails.
Anywho. In pursuit of presentable nails, I recently experimented with NCLA’s nail wraps. And boy, do I love them or what?! So absolutely easy, no need for the blasted nail polish remover (we are officially frenemies) and you can practically do them ANYWHERE! [My favorite spot is in cabs, on the way to work]. Just peel, paste, trim and you are done! Their life depends on your lifestyle, and they stayed put for a little over 2 days in my case.
I had the monochrome palette, but they have quiet a few options, in amazing colors and patterns, priced between $16 – $18. To shop online, click here.

My go-to color for the week (or maybe month)