There’s a fine line between inspiration and blatant design replicas.
The fashion industry in Middle East is on its way to maturity, and churning out fantastic designers every year. Amidst the creative geniuses and educated ones are some who let creativity take a back seat, and allow “inspirations” to create most of their collections.

Such an example was Essa at Fashion Forward Season 3. As soon as I got over the tantric music, faux feathers and shiny Lamé, I had a déjà vu moment. The ensembles walking on runway have been somewhere before – at least some of them. Before I could zero it in, a piece of two would surprise and distract me with their originality.
But eventually, I had the answer. Although the colors were quintessentially Essa, the cut, contrast and silhouette were certainly way ahead of him. Probably near the house of Fendi. Possibly.
Is it a bad thing? Well, not necessarily. Given the elements he added and that he did manage to put out a decent collection after all, he deserves applause.
Kind of.
Here are some highlights from Essa’s runway at Fashion Forward Season 3:

So, what are your thoughts on Essa’s collection?