23rd June 2018

Married for a YEAR!!

I can’t believe it – the time literally flew by! It seems like a few weeks ago when I was running like a headless chicken, prepping for my wedding, totally lost in the frantic frenzy around. And now, a year later, I stand here, in complete awe, of how soon these 12 months had gone by.
Sometimes I feel like this day is even more significant that my birth day – for this is the day that I was reborn, to be someone most of you know now.
A lot has changed since April 13th 2013. Wanna know what and what? Here’s the tip of my iceberg for you:
  • My marital status changed – I had to update all my accounts and profiles, and leart to tick ‘married’ instead of ‘single’
  • I share my room now – with a MAN #tryingtobenotorious
  • I have two families – both amazing in their own ways
  • I learnt to cook, and can now serve a decent meal (most of the times)
  • We relocated – that was a MAJOR change. It meant a new home, a new city,  different people, new friends, new job…and a whole new life of sorts!
  • I am not a workaholic anymore – I guess I have been de-axactianized!
  • I am finally working in the fashion industry – and closer to my dream of being part of an editorial team at a fashion and lifestyle magazine
  • I made some new friends, and lost some very significant ones as well. I don’t know why it happened, but it did.
And above all, I learnt to love, respect and trust another person with all of my being. And guess what? I have no regrets, only beautiful memories to cherish forever!
You may now wish me a Happy Anniversary!

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