Now that’s what I call a sartorial indulgence, which presents a complete story, yet leaves you wanting more. OH SO MUCH MORE! 

From the six shows presented on day 1 of Fashion Forward Season 3, Jean Louis Sabaji was definitely one of my favorites. Following his graduation from the Lebanese American University in 2009, Jean Louis’ motivation and creativity led him to Domus Academy in Milan where he got the opportunity to share his creations with famous Italian designers.

In 2011, Jean Louis’ allegiance to his father’s studio evolved to the responsibility of carving the new paths ahead. The family’s practice initially seeded his interests and prompted him to dive into the world of Couture, with a strong focus on great and intricate production value.

This collection involves tense material work and vibrant colors. A total of 44 outfits will be showcased—you’ll witness a walking garden – that is what the designer told the attendees to expect from his show.  The runway delivered this, and more. From startling dose of ‘bugs’ to bold floral designs and futuristic silhouettes, it was a collection you got to keep a look out for!

Here are some of my favorite looks from Jean Louis Sabaji’s collection presented at Fashion Forward Season 3:












P.S. I think, besides an incredible designer, he’s also quite an eye candy *blush*

All images are courtesy Getty Images