I always want to lose weight. I am always going on a diet, from tomorrow. It’s always the last bucket of french fries or dark chocolate digestive. Just like that…it’s a continuous cycle. It’s never the last one. It’s always a tomorrow that never comes.

I tried General Motors Diet and didn’t last a day. I had ACV in the morning for 3 days, and forgot about it from the day after. I would eat lentils and bran bread, with large fries from McDonalds. I am b***** incorrigible.
Nutri-Diet has been one such case as well. The team at Nutridiet were more than willing to help me get on track with their dietary supplements, and tried to get me started. I did so as well. For a day. After that, we had an event at work, and then our Big B went for a business trip and responsibilities tripled for me, and hence, the sachet and shaker are in my drawer, giving me scornful looks ALL THE TIME.

Oh, did I not tell you what Nutri-Diet is? It’s a meal replacement shake based on soy protein and low in calorie and fat content. It contains all the essential vitamins and minerals that the body needs and is also high in dietary fiber. Each serving of Nutridiet consists of 110 – 117 calories.

Another reason for my hesitation to get on with Nutridiet is that it requires me to replace dinner, WHICH IS THE MOST DIFFICULT THING FOR ME TO DO. Dinner is my only proper meal of the day, as I am usually running late in the mornings, end up eating out for lunch (never healthy or fulfilling) and snacks in between aren’t exactly worthy a mention. So, when I go home, I whip up a decent meal and share it with N. It’s also our “us” time in the day. So replacing that with a shake sounds terrifying to me.
Please help! I don’t know how to get myself started.
*Picks up the phone to dial the nutritionist at Nutridiet – She’s such a sweetheart*
So, instead of replacing the entire dinner, I can have the shake for breakfast and for dinner, along with a low card mini-meal. Isn’t that so much easier? I shall get started from today!
P.S. I love Nada’s tips to make it interesting. She suggests:
  • Milk can be added to the powder instead of water for a thicker and richer texture. Which is exactly what I was doing!
  • Coffee can be added to the chocolate shake to give it a more distinct flavor.
  • You can experiment by adding strawberry milk to the strawberry shake for a change in taste.
  • Make sure to follow a healthy diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Start by replacing dinner – as that’s the easiest for me…then maybe try replacing breakfast or lunch gradually.
  • Go for walks and try to keep fit to facilitate the healthy weight loss plan.
Lets get started!!