KISH SERIES: Where to Stay in Kish Islands

If you are going for visa change, you are allotted a hotel by the airline. When N and I arrived, a bus transported us to the airport, which is adequately small, and women are immediately ushered to adorn Abayas and head scarves. It is important to remember that you are required to keep your head covered at all times, and wear respectful clothing.
Anyway. Once everyone on the plane was through the passport control, a man ushered us in a van, which was to first go to Farabi Hotel, and then our  ‘designated’ hotel.
A little background about our accommodation arrangement – Although we had a complimentary night’s stay by the airline, we had read terrible reviews and had called in a number of hotels in Kish before our departure to reserve a room. Due to linguistic constraints, we weren’t successful, but at least had a fair idea about the available options and costs.

The bus drove to Farabi Hotel, where a man took our passports for “security”. I FREAKED OUT! Why did he do that? Is this some kind of a scam? I almost pulled my (and obviously N’s) hair out. As the sane one, he calmed me down and we arrived at the “good” hotel, reserved for us.

Yes, this is Ascia Hotel :/
The name was Ascia Hotel, and it looked like CRAP. I looked and N, and he looked back, and we asked the man that we want another hotel. He initially refused, but then decided to cooperate. He called one of his guys who drove us to a number of hotels, and we finally found a room at Sunrise Hotel. A word of advice – keep your marriage certificate handy.
About Sunrise – We got a junior suite, but there was nothing SUITE about it. It had a bedroom and a lounge (of sorts), with 1980’s TV and not-so-comfy couches. But after Farabi and Ascia, it was heaven!!

Cost: AED 450/day

Sunrise Hotel, Kish Islands, Iran

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