As I have started working, I needed to change my sponsor and therefore needed to exit UAE. Bearing a Pakistani passport, I could only travel to either my home country or Kish Island, Iran.
I had no idea there was a place called Kish. And the admin guy at work, who suggested it, said in a tone that was more discouraging than otherwise.
I had to weigh my options – 
Option 1: Home country 

a) I had plans of visiting Pakistan end of January or beginning of February.b) From the looks of it, visiting Pakistan was a tad bit more costly than option 2 (dumb pre-conceived notion, I know)

Option 2: Kish Island, Iran
a) It looked cheap (er)
b) I had never been to Iran or an island before
c) It could be a mini vacation for N and myself (yup, he agreed to come – and thank god for that. Details in following posts)
Hence, we decided to go to Kish Island, Iran.

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