Planning the Trip: 
You should know that there are travel warnings all over the internet about traveling to Kish. And not for the life of me do I understand why (some say its because of their turbulent relationship with the USA). So, my tech-savvy cherries, booking a flight online is not an option. And there is only one airline that travels to Kish – Kish Airline.

It was a new place for us and we weren’t well-informed. We went to dnata for reservations, and they can make reservations for you, only until 6 PM. Kish Airline’s system is still manual, so the tickets are hand written (surprise!!). And they cost about AED 700 per person, and include one night stay at a hotel of their choice.
Flying to Kish Island, Iran:
When we arrived at Terminal 2 for our flight, we came to know that we have to deposit AED 1,000 as a security deposit for each of us. We ran to Kish Airline’s office (at the corner of the airport), paid the deposit and came to check-in.
After the check-in, you have to go to dnata’s office for some more documentation. I was saved from the hassle as my previous sponsor, my husband, was with me. With our boarding passes in hand, we went to the waiting lounge.
Now, by no means am I biased or racist, but the crowd didn’t quite look like the vacationing sort. My heart sank just a little bit, and we patiently waited for check-in to begin. By the looks of it, the flight was definitely delayed.
Once the check-in started, we were charted off in a bus to the airplane. I was overwhelmed by the crowd, and the tiny size of the airplane. I wasn’t sure we will make it to Kish, if I may be absolutely honest. Yes, it kept on getting worse and worse.
After half an hour delay, we were finally off the ground. As the weather was grey and rainy, we experienced a bit of turbulence. And kept our fingers crossed. Finally, we saw the great Greek Ship and knew we were going to land in just a few minutes. What relief!
We were given funny little lunch boxes on our way out, with a chicken sandwich and weird looking juice. Again a bus transported us from the airplane to the airport.
The weather in Kish was BEAUTIFUL – it was super cloudy and rainy, with light refreshing breeze.
We had ARRIVED 😀


The luggage cabin was left open during the flight!!
Kish Island – From the Plane

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