19th July 2018

Movie Review: The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street

What an amazing, entertaining movie this one was! 

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio (Jordon Belfort), the storyline revolves about an ambitious man who wants to rule the stock market, and the world. He starts as a no-one at a stock brokerage firm, and then loses his job when stock market hits record lows. He then comes across penny stock market and realizes that he is brilliant at his craft. His ambition drives him to establish his own company, with a bunch of great salesman (of primarily weed). His drive and passion turns his venture into a multimillion dollar company, and the money comes in faster than he could handle. 

The newly found richness comes with addictive frills attached. His marriage comes to an end when he falls in love with another, more beautiful and glamorous woman, than his wife. He drives a Ferrari and has more drugs than food. His friends enjoy the same luxury as he does, and are his most trusted partners in crime.

The headless drive up the corporate ladder starts to wobble, and ultimately crash, when FBI gets on his case for illegal activities. The story takes a sharp turn to show his downfall, losses and deception.

Jonah Hill’s comic timing and DiCaprio’s energy keeps the movie entertaining. Margot Robbie plays the wife of a vulgarly rich man to perfection, infusing emotion to keep it real. As I saw it at Vox Cinemas in Dubai, UAE, the censor board has cropped much of sex and crude, so no complaints from me in that department.

WHAT I LOVED: DiCaprio’s energy, and comic sense. He is a fantastic actor, with comedy being his natural calling. The way Margot keeps him on his toes is hilarious, and their drug infused antics will crack you up!

I would highly recommend this movie, IN THEATER, with someone who enjoys drama with a pinch of comedy and satire.

Jordon Belfort is the king of his own stock empire
When money and women come cheap, marriages do become difficult
Jonah Hill and DiCaprio is throes of bro-love

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  1. Thanks for the review, but didn’t UAE cinema’s cut 45 minutes of the movie due to censorship? Should I not wait for DVD release and get the full thing? I hear it missed a big part of what that time and story was about cutting so much of the movie…

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