Pantene recently caused a stir in the Philippines and around the world with an online video tackling gender labels.  In a little more than a month, the video generated almost 30 million views and thousands of comments around the globe.  The 60-second film explores hidden gender double standards in the workplace—a theme inspired by the fact that in Filipino culture there still exists a notion that women cannot be too assertive or strong-willed when it comes to getting what they want.
“Pantene ran a study in the Philippines, and our team was shocked to learn that 70% of men still think that women need to downplay their personality to be accepted,” commented Anthony Davey, Vice President of Hair Care & Colour Asia.    Author and COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg  commented on her personal Facebook page “This is one of the most powerful videos I have ever seen illustrating how when women and men do the same things, they are seen in completely different ways [it’s] really worth watching.  Lean In prize of the day for sure!”
Created in the Philippines, the video ignited conversations well beyond its region, boldly asking questions such as “Why is he called ‘BOSS’ but she’s called ‘BOSSY?”  “The video struck a chord with people because most don’t realize they are making unfair judgments of others.  This video raises awareness of these unknown behaviours,” said Davey.
To help raise more awareness for this issue, this Pantene campaign is being rolled out across the globe in an effort to help create a larger platform to educate and awaken everyone to these perceptions and stereotypes.  The global campaign will be titled “#ShineStrong” and will encourage women to join the movement and digitally share their #ShineStrong moment.
Pantene Global research has shown that healthy, strong, beautiful hair helps women to feel confident and empowered. However, this global issue of labels and double standards are holding women back from embracing and showcasing this confidence. 
“Pantene and P&G brands reach billions of women around the world and we want to use this scale and influence to be an agent of change.  We are excited about this global #ShineStrong campaign to help women embrace their strength and shine,” said Deb Henretta, Group President, P&G Global Beauty.
Kudos to Pantene, and the mission to support women at workplace! (Y)