[I think] I am usually a happy person – not ecstatic, shrieking kind but more content, satisfied kind. Yes, I would like to have infinte money, live in New York, Paris, Milan and Cape Town, and be size 8 (ALWAYS!) but these are wishes that don’t have be depressed (on most days).
And so I thought, I can take the 100 Happy Days Challenge, right? Hey, you don’t know what that is? No worries.
100 Happy Days Challenge is an international social media experiment that challenges individuals to find something to be happy about for 100 days in a row. Astonishingly, 71% of people fail at this challenge.  Personally I think even the most cynical person can find 100 things to be happy about. Learn more about it at 100happydays.com
100HappyDays Challenge – Here I come!
So starting today, I will be posting at least one thing that makes me happy. From that particular day. If you are not following Cherry Cross on Instagram, NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT. Click here to check us out on Instagram.
And you know what? It would be great if you can join me in this challenge. Sign up and start your 100 happy days with me 😀
Lots of love,