We are overridden by consumerism and the need to spend. Many people spend almost as much as they earn, without regard for future expenses and capital creation. Capital creation is just as important as saving. Whilst it’s great to have a lot of money sitting in the bank, you could be making more money if you thought about investing it. I know a few people who seem to use some of their savings to purchase stocks in companies and businesses. This can create money for them in the future if they ever decide to trade or sell their shares. To learn more about this, websites like can be particularly useful. If you are planning on investing some money, be sure to check that you have enough to live off, as well as having some money in savings. Money can be difficult to manage, but it’s vital to work out a way that works for you.
Recently I came across a video that answered two very important questions about savings, in respect to UAE.
Being a tax-free economy, the government is not liable for our retirement, education or health expenses. In other developed countries, you are taxed up to 35 – 40%, and then your health and retirement are taken care of. As this is not the case for us, we need to save – for retirement, children’s education and health. And all the money you save for these areas will be important, as you will never know when you’ll need the likes of healthcare, for example. For retirement, it’s a bit easier because you will have a rough idea about when you will need these savings, but it’s still important that you have enough saved. Luckily, there will be specific discounts that you can look into when you are classed as a senior, so you can reduce the amount of money that you spend on other things. You can view more here at places like Money Talks News, ( Ultimately, having enough money to live off during retirement, as well as being able to pay for healthcare and education is important, and that’s why you must start saving.
Other than that, you cannot create any capital (like house) unless you save (or born unbelievably rich). Also, any unforeseen expenditure (health issue, losses in business, etc.) can only be born by a plump cushion of savings.
About 30 – 40% of your income. I know it sounds horribly lot (I barely manage 15%) but considering the number of saving pots in our respective lives, we can only get by saving at least one-third of our incomes.
If you still think it’s too much, imagine what would happen if you were living in the USA, Canada or UK. They current income tax imposed on monthly income is anywhere from 20 – 30% for an average income bracket in these regions. So, what you are saving is actually what you would have been paying in taxes elsewhere.
Create an expense sheet, first and foremost. List down all your current necessities and reasons to save. One great way to save money is by using software that allows you to convert avi to mp4.
Until your saving objectives are met, live a lean lifestyle. Think about saving first and spending later. Every month, before everything else, put the predefined amount of money in saving pots. And do not touch it for any other reason (retirement funds cannot be used for family holiday – create a separate pot for holidays).
Guys, it’s important to save. I know with my current stack of bills, I am the last person who should preach about savings. So here’s the video that inspired me. Have a look, save and enjoy!

Why Is Saving Important? | THE TICKER

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