23rd July 2018

Simone Heng’s Top 10 Tips for Niche Bloggers

Fashset’s latest event was to discuss how one can create a niche blog and make a success of it. And who better to teach than Simone herself, who runs her blog as a business and makes a decent dough of it. For those looking to follow her footsteps, here’s what she wants you to know:

  1. Before everything and anything, get your hands on a book titled Blog, Inc. by Joy Deangdeelert Cho. It will save you from a lot of mistakes, and wastage of time and efforts. Also, you can subscribe to online channels like Daily Blog Tips or Independent Fashion Bloggers to learn tricks of trade beforehand.
  2. Understand what you really want from the blog. Different motives will have different paths and destinations, so think about it before taking the plunge. You need to know what your USP is – what differentiates you from the rest.
  3. Don’t take your URL your lightly. This will become your brand. If you need some help, check out these 12 rules for choosing the right domain name. Once you have a domain name for your blog, get opinion from people you trust. I decided on Cherry Cross after 3 months of searching, researching and discussions. (and it’s not even that great!)
  4. Think of yourself as a CONTENT CREATOR. Your main objective should be creating high quality, unique and interesting content, which international publications would love to feature. Also, do not shy away from guest blogging. Any exposure is good exposure.
  5. To learn the art of creating amazing content, follow the best bloggers in your industry. Understand what they do, and why they do it. Learn, but do not blindly follow. You are unique, and so will your blog be. Leave a genuine comment (with your URL) on their blogs. But do not spam!
  6. Pictures do say a thousand words. Keep your content short and pictures strong (I need to learn that big time!)
  7. No matter what your industry be, your blog should ENTERTAIN. Your readers should be able to connect with what you write, feel it and be emotional about it. If you can do that, congratulations – you are almost there!
  8. Be consistent – blogging half heartedly will get you nowhere. Make a schedule (lets say you decide to blog every other day) and stick to it.
  9. Always REPLY to emails and queries – like ALWAYS. There is nothing like gratitude and humility.
  10. Use the Power of Social Media – run frequent competitions, share interesting content, viral pictures… be there and entertain.

Bonus: If you are an established blogger and receive advertising propositions often, have a rate card handy.

More resources: Start, Run and Grow Your Online Presence

Aren’t these tips amazing? Despite blog-limping for a year now, I learnt  quite a bit from the event, and Simone. Thanks a super bunch girl. Dubai will miss you loads!!!


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  1. Very well said dude! Using the power of social media is consistently being stressed as the future world will be social. It is the right time for making good online presence for getting ready to go viral.

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